Kallistra hexagon terrain and how I use it

Most of my wargames are played on a 4ft x 3ft (120cm x 90cm) table on Kallistra hexagon tile terrain.  I play in 6mm, 1/300, 1/285 scale.
Although Kallistra make roads and rivers to place on top of the standard tiles the roads are too wide for my scale and the rivers too regular.
I make my roads and streams about 2cm wide – which fits my standard troop base size – and rivers are 5cm wide, or almost the full hexagon edge.
I buy my hexagon tiles ready flocked with grass/earth colours.  To make a stream or road I take a hexagon tile and mark the entry and exit points at the centre of the hex-sides.  Next I take a paste brush about 2cm wide and liberally paint the route of the road or stream with water.
While it is wet I scrape the flocking to the edges of the road or stream route with a sharp knife.  This has the effect of creating low banks on both sides. When dry I paint roads with a “pebble” tester pot from Homebase (a UK DIY store) .  This shade was decided on after viewing European roads from above on commercial air flights.  While still wet I sprinkle with fine builder’s sand and spray with matt varnish.

A road painted onto Kallistra Hexon tiles
J A road painted onto Kallistra Hexon tiles

For streams I use a mix of blue, grey and brown tester pots and follow up with several coats of PVA glue to give a shiny surface.

This stream needs two or three more coats of PVA to increase the watery look
This stream needs two or three more coats of PVA to increase the watery look

To make marsh I use an unflocked tile. I still have a few from the days before I bought ready-flocked. I paint them as for the streams and then add flock and short lengths of cut sisal string or old paintbrush heads to represent reeds.

A Kallistra hexagon tile embellished to tepresent a marsh or swamp.
A Kallistra hexagon tile embellished to represent a marsh or swamp.

For woods I use either pre-based trees or by preference I drill holes in the tiles and “plant” the trees.  Judge the results for yourself.  Feedback is welcome.

September 1st 1939 – still waiting

So much for not holding up the game when I discovered I had missed creating an entire unit (see earlier post).  When I came to set up the battlefield I found I was short by three slope hexagons, so an emergency order to Kallistra was prepared.  At the same time I ordered some new houses from Total Battle Miniatures to replace the Irregular Miniatures buildings I intended to use, which look a bit small against the new troops.  If they don’t arrive before the new hexagon tiles I will press into use some nicely painted American Civil War models I bought at a tabletop sale last year.  They are a reasonable substitute, judging by newsreel film of September 1939 recently viewed.
ACW bulidings from Total Battle Miniatures ACW buildings from Total Battle Miniatures

So now it’s a race.  Will the new hexagon tiles arrive before the buildings? And in the meantime I can start painting the missing unit.

“Order – Counter-order – Disorder”