El Trompatista is the newspaper which informs the players in my play by e-mail campaign of all the news from other parts of the Iberian Peninsula.  It is delivered at the speed of the fastest courier and so the generals may read about actions in the newspapers before they get the report from their own officers.

Date: 4.VI.1808
Place: Molino del Rey, Catalonia.

Insurrection in Molino del Rey today.

General Schwartz with three Italian light infantry battalions, a Swiss infantry battalion, four guns and a squadron of cuirassiers was preparing to march north from the town of Molino del Rey.
To ensure they had enough supplies for the march his men were ordered to take what they needed from the houses, the depot being insufficient.
This incensed the local population and the Somatenes (local militia) were secretly assembled in the hills south of the town.

On the morning of 4th June, with the brigade formed and ready to march, the cuirassiers led over the bridge to the southwest of the town and were met by a volley from the hills.  Several men fell and the squadron was scattered.
The French were thrown into confusion.  Order and countermand passed between the units.  The Italian Velites tried to move into the hills but were held off with musketry and eventually fell back.
The Spanish militia then charged into town and General Schwartz narrowly avoided capture or death.  The target, however, was the four guns in the town square.  These were seized and being already limbered up were taken away to the south of the town.
The 1st Neapolitans reacted swiftly and managed to prevent their escape.
The Spanish faded away into the hills.

Losses:  French 290, Spanish 28

Gaming Note: This battle was fought using “Commands & Colors: Napoleonics

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General Whiskers

Wargaming butterfly (mainly solo), unpainted model figure amasser, and Historical Re-enactor of the black powder era.

5 thoughts on “EL TROMPATISTA 4 June 1808”

  1. Don’t you take my heavies away. I need them to put the fear of God into the Spanish as burning villages doesn’t seem to do it!

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