1939, September 1st

Germany. Turn 1. 1st September 1939
Germany has 8 Industrial Points at the start of the game.  These are spent on 1 infantry unit (3 IP) and 1 armoured unit (5 IP), produced at the factory at map reference 5228.
The Czechoslavakian Protectorate also supplies 1 IP, but there is no factory. (Historically the Skoda works was very important for the Germans, but is too insignificant to be included at this scale).

Relevant Historical activity
Germany invades Poland.
Norway, Finland and Switzerland declare their neutrality.

German movement
(Note that this is more detailed than the standard “Axis and Allies” method.)
Armoured unit moves from 6027 to 6127
Infantry unit moves from 5926 to 6926
Armoured unit moves from 5825 to 5925
Fighter unit moves from 5927 to 6027

The situation after the German move on 1st September.
The situation after the German move on 1st September.

Germany declares an attack by the armoured unit in 6127, supported by the infantry unit in 6026, against the Polish infantry unit in 6126.
This attack will be resolved on the wargame table.

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