Donald Featherstone Tribute Weekend

I am looking forward to the weekend, when I have been fortunate ( or quick enough) to secure a place at the inaugural Donald Featherstone Tribute Weekend at the Wargames Holiday Centre in Kingsclere (about 10 minutes drive from my home).

The battle will be Gettysburg and the rule system Regimental Fire and Fury. I have never used these rules before, although I did once host a game of Gettysburg using the original F&F rules, “bathtubbing” the battle so that a division became a brigade.

But I digress. As a practice run I downloaded the playsheet from the Fire and Fury website and have been getting my head round the game mechanisms.
So far I have used infantry and cavalry, albeit all of the same quality and the same weapon. This evening I intend to explore artillery.

And for this exercise, what better scenario than this?

A scenario well known to the older generation of wargamers
A scenario well known to the older generation of wargamers

No prizes for identifying the layout.
If you need a hint, go back to a 1970 publication (page 61) and remember to whom we are paying homage.

And yes, some of my new bases are not yet painted. Time was of the essence.

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5 thoughts on “Donald Featherstone Tribute Weekend”

  1. We’ve had a lot of fun with the Regimental Fire and Fury rules. One element that wasn’t immediately apparent to us (even though it’s right there in the book) is that firing is strictly by the stand, NOT by the unit.

    So, if you were lucky enough to have three ten stand regiments and a two gun battery of smoothbores firing at one enemy regiment at ‘normal’ ranges, that would be 10+10+10+6=36 fire points. You’ve probably already figured this out, but it took us three or four games!

    Another thing, particularly on a battlefield like Gettysburg, is to be aware of plunging fire from cannon on heights. Forest is not quite the cover you might expect, in that situation.

    Hope you enjoy diving into the rules.

    1. Arkiegamer, thanks for the tips. Yes, I had worked out that firing is by base. I have read all the criticisms of the rules on the web, and realise that some people have not looked deeply enough into the tabletop situations rather than the superficial statistics.

      As I don’t expect to use the rules in future I have not bought the book and I am working with the free quick reference sheet for RF&F in combination with original F&F rulebook, hoping that the basics are not too much changed. I will find out on Saturday…

      I am documenting my experimental game blow by blow and will publish when finished. Then you can tell me where I went wrong!


      1. I will certainly try to get some pics at the weekend. If I do not, you can be sure that Henry Hyde ( will manage to post something on line or in Miniature Wargames with Battlegames magazine.

        Regards Paul This e-mail is intended for the addressee(s) only, and not for random employees of the United Kingdom or United States governments, or of Google.


      2. Ah, yes, I wasn’t thinking clearly. This is an EVENT, which will be well documented. Do you know what you’ll be commanding, yet? A brigade from one side of the other, I presume?


        (my communications are intended for Paul and low-level NSA employees. Google can get stuffed, though.)

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