2014 and a new freedom

Happy 2014 everyone.

For me this is a turning point.  It is the last year of my working life and my employer has agreed that I may work from home, saving me around 3-4 hours each day in wasted driving time.  This means that in addition to my plan to take more exercise and reverse the increasing size and weight of my body, I will (memsahib permitting) have the time to return to several abandoned wargaming projects.

I am a wargaming butterfly, flitting from project to project as the fancy takes me.

The first resurrected project is my 1700 campaign, for which I have already fought one battle and started a new page on the blog.

This week the focus is on my 1901 game.  Again it is a simple solo campaign, based on the board game of Diplomacy, but all the battles are fought with model soldiers or ships.  I am struggling a bit with fleet vs army actions, but usually work on the basis that a fleet attacked by an army has landed a shore party equivalent to half an army force, with additional support from naval guns (either off table support or landed as in the Boer War that is recreated each year at the British Military Tournament ( formerly the Royal Tournament)).

The next battle is the French attack on the British fleet occupying Brest.

Watch this space…