The Second World War game. Orders of Battle

Readers may wonder at my eccentric conversion of the units on the map to the units on the table top  in my Second World War game, so this note is to explain my logic.  As stated in the introduction, this is a game.  It is a big enough wargaming project without trying to recreate the actual orders of battle.  In war, as in many other areas of life, you don’t always have what you need, so you have to make do with what you have.  So in my game, which will be mainly played solo, I can make my grand plans by sending an infantry  or armoured “division”  into battle, and then as the commander on the ground I don’t know quite what I will have available.  I have prepared conversion tables, partly explained in the blog, which will be applied to new units the first time they go into battle.  I have not yet decided if battle casualties will be applied exactly according to the tabletop results, or as a proportional reduction of the dice rolled for the next engagement.   The latter appeals, as it can represent reinforcements and reorganisation, equipment temporarily out of action, etc.  (qv 9th & 10th Panzer Divisions in September 1944)  And now, back to painting the forces generated for the 1st September 1939.