World War Two game: compromising

As expected, with early war games, there must be some compromises in the order of battle for my 1st September 1939 battle. I can find no reference to Poland having self-propelled guns or armoured half-tracks in 1939, so I have changed the Polish order of battle as follows:
Self-propelled guns are replaced by motorised towed artillery.
Other artillery are horse-drawn. I may need to dig out some Heroics gun teams for this.
Half-tracks are replaced by TKS tankettes with 2cm cannon.

World War Two. Getting started

I have finally made a start on the World war Two project.  I have written the basic rules for using the Axis & Allies game, the mapping and unit conversion to wargame forces.

The first engagement on the German-Polish border is set and now I have to get the required models ready for the tabletop. See the Second World War game page for more information.