Painting the Poles

18th October 2012

I just spent an hour working on my GHQ Polish infantry for the 1939 campaign. I had previously given them a black wash to fill the creases and hollows. This evening I dug out all the colour plates I could find and tried to mix up a match to the greenish khaki colour for the uniforms.

One day I may start to buy the Vallejo paints and follow the Flames of War painting guides, but while I have a large box of acrylic pots to get through There are enough other things to spend my cash on. I also tend to use a slightly lighter shade on small figures to compensate for the perceived distance from the eye.

After giving them all a basic coat of my patent khaki colour I sat back and regarded them critically, wondering how something that can be a near perfect match in the palette can dry on the models so much more like a Russian uniform green.

So although I painted them in the light of a daylight bulb I will make a decision what to do when I can see them in proper daylight.

Luckily GHQ have festooned the poor little fellows with so much equipment that there’s not much to be seen of the basic uniform.

Once I have made a bi more progress I hope to post some pictures.

25th October

Having repainted the little chaps with a browner shade of khaki, I left them overnight and found they were still decidedly green. As a further coat risked obscuring all the fine detail I decided to bash on.
They now have packs, haversacks, canteens and water bottles. Blanket rolls and gas mask cases to follow next, and then the multitude of straps. These little models are the epitome of the old joke:
“Daddy, what’s a soldier for?”
“To hang things on, son.”

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General Whiskers

Wargaming butterfly (mainly solo), unpainted model figure amasser, and Historical Re-enactor of the black powder era.

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